FM Cosgrave & Associates Services

Audit & Accounting

Our expert accounting team will assist you in the preparation of management or statutory accounts to ensure management have the information necessary to make informed business decisions. This service is linked with our audit service and ensures that your company issues accounts that are accurate and comply with all statutory and accounting standards.

This service is widely used and includes supervision of your own accounting staff and visits throughout the year to ensure that your accounting function is operating properly as well as email and phone support for your accounting staff. Our Audit team provides a comprehensive range of auditing services which enables your business to comply with all statutory obligations but also adds value to benefit the performance of your business.

We use the audit as an opportunity to make an independent assessment of your business. We assess your accounting systems and controls and advise you of their strengths and weaknesses. Our approach ensures that the significant issues which impact on your business are thoroughly assessed and defined for you, allowing you to focus on the development and growth of your business.

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Management Accounts

In these times it is highly important to have up to date financial information to assist in making informed business decisions. At FM Cosgrave we specialise in preparing management accounts to assist clients to stabilise or grow their business.  It will highlight if your business is not trading well and it could be of great help to have an expert outside of your staff to assess the business and provide the necessary solutions.

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Our tax professionals provide a comprehensive range of services covering all of the tax headings relevant to living and working in Ireland.


We are all aware of the very significant sanctions and penalties which the Revenue Commissioners can impose for non-compliance and this is where our team can ensure that you are fully protected by helping you to meet all reporting and payment deadlines.  We provide this service by the continuous monitoring of your file for all taxation categories.


Our tax consulting team will provide you with a range of tax planning services allowing you to minimise your tax liabilities within tax law.  We work closely with other professionals to lead you through the complexities of the tax system and add value to your business.

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Business Advisory & Consultancy

At FM Cosgrave, we offer a Comprehensive Advisory & Consultancy Service. Growing and improving efficiency are the key objectives of any business. Our Business Advisory Service provides support to fine-tune the finances of the business facilitating growth and improving efficiency. Our Business Advisory Services also provides advice on selection and development of financial accounting systems to measure and benchmark your businesses' performance to industry standards.

We can prepare monthly and quarterly management accounts for you and assist in the preparation of business plans for presentation to proposed sources of finance. As part of this process, we will help with budget forecasting and provide a break-even analysis. We have a dynamic computer package to prepare these projections which means that it can be adapted at any stage to reflect the changing economic climate.

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Corporate Recovery / Business Plans

If your business is in trouble or suffering during the economic downturn we are available to do an analysis of your business operations and costs and to look at alternative ways of getting past the economic downturn.  We can act as your financial controller on a part time or full time basis and advise you on ways to improve various aspects of your business.

FM Cosgrave & Associates prepare dynamic and effective Business Plans which is an essential document covering all aspects of your business.  In producing a Business Plan we examine all elements of your business operations and overheads, identify areas where costs can be reduced and performance enhanced.  It also assists clients who are seeking finance from Banks and Lenders as well as encouraging them to look at long term objectives and strategies that will support the future success and growth of their business.

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Business start ups

In order to give your business the best chance of success, it is essential that you properly plan all the steps that need to be completed prior to commencement. Time planning will maximise your opportunity for success. Success in business depends on many factors, very important is the need to critically review all aspects of the business proposition to ensure that the correct decisions are made at the outset regarding structure and resources.

If you are thinking of going into business on your own, we can advise on which direction to take - to become a limited company, a partnership or sole trader. We can arrange the formation of the company and will complete all the tax registration requirements necessary for you to commence trading, whatever route you choose.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

At FM Cosgrave we provide a comprehensive Bookkeeping & Payroll service. It is the business owners' legal responsibility to ensure that proper books and records appropriate to the size of the business are kept and we will advise you accordingly. Our bookkeeping service ensures that you can concentrate on your core business and leave some or all of the time consuming administration to us.

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Service Options

Monthly Management Accounts
Bank Reconciliations
Sales invoices and Debtor Statements
Purchase Invoices and supplier Statement Reconciliation
VAT accounting and returns to Revenue.
Our Payroll Department provides a payroll service to various businesses, ranging from the small sole trader to larger companies, from the service sector to the manufacturing sector.

We can supply you with the complete service, including:

  • Calculations of net pay, PAYE and PRSI, emergency tax and holiday pay
  • Registering your employees with the Revenue
  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual payrolls
  • Issuing pay slips both standard and security
  • Provision of wage analysis reports as required

We cater for all employee categories.

Even if you don't need a full payroll service, we can be there to assist and advise you on a range of payroll issues.

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Company formation & Company secretarial services

With our dedicated team of professionals, we offer our clients a first class service in Company formation and maintenance. We can arrange to have a new company formed and also provide a company registered office. 

We will also register your business for VAT, Corporation Tax and Employer taxes. Assuming the name is acceptable to the Companies Registration Office; your company can be formed within a period of 5 days.

This Service Includes:

  • The Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Company Seal and combined Company Register and minute book.
  • Taxes Registration.

Given the importance of compliance with new company law enforcement legislation good company secretarial advice is vital. Our experienced team provides services in the following areas:

  • Company formation and name changes
  • Annual returns
  • Minutes and amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Maintenance of company registers

Implications of Late Filing of Annual Returns -

  • Penalties range from €100 to €1,200
  • Removal of Audit Exemption for 2 years

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